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Prayers to clean your home from paranormal activities. RUN STATION CONTINUOUSLY IN YOUR HOME ON LOW VOLUME. Shalom †

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Well last night as I was playing the prayer in my bedroom my legs started tingling, my head started hurting, and I started coughing and then it stopped I could feel like a presence in the room also that went away the more your prayer entered the atmosphere everything subsided as the prayer kept playing.-Shenecka [Florida]

Wow, thank you Jesus and Evangelist King. I've played the house cleaning lots of times and something shifted. Now i feel comfortable in prayer without all those voices from the enemy. They were making God sound scary and it was not him at all. I still do not hear Him completely, but at least I can be in prayer without fear or distraction. I really appreciate it.—Rosalie [Spain]

Brothers and Sisters!! I am a LIVING WITNESS to this House Cleansing Prayer! Many of us have discord, strife, arguments, rage, fights, division, oppression, feeling sick, fatigued etc.. in our homes! I played the prayers and believed! I tell you the situation ceased and the Stillness of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost came into the house, you could feel the Stillness and peace in the house! I just let it play and I began to pray and command them to leave in agreement with Evangelist King! The next morning, God made a believer out of the individuals. I was awaken with one saying, I woke up and there was such a peace and stillness and I could feel it in the house. The individuals in the house were laughing and talking as if nothing had happened. No home is exempt from demonic influence, we all live under spiritual warfare! BELIEVE GOD AND PLAY THE PRAYERS! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL! GOD LOVES YOU!—Sheila [Texas]