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Spreading awareness of love, care and concern toward the life and education of, physical and spiritual, impoverished children (and adults) of the world †

My husband and I have been asked to join in missions work in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Pastor Pie-Rene, Founding Pastor of Ebenezer Church Ministries in Kinshasa DR. Congo, as well as Pastor of All Nations Church in Dallas (Irving), Texas. Due to lack of funding, my husband will be making the initial trip with Pastor Rene later this year. I will follow as funds allow. This is where I'm asking for your help. Please take some time and listen to the audio message and allow the Holy Spirit to touch your heart. Thanks for caring and remember the "children's mite". Shalom †

Online fundraising for Mission Trip 2015 and Beyond to DR Congo

Healing and
Deliverance Center
If you're in need of healing and deliverance, join us at our Healing and Deliverance Service. Check the Calendar for our next upcoming service. In the meantime; as a point of contact, receive the deliverance video in Jesus' name.

  Announcement by Evangelist King

The "Word of God" spoken with and in Power of the Holy Ghost drives out demons.

Holy Ghost FIRE is the media ministry of The Children's Mite spoken by Mrs. Terry B. King, aka Evangelist King. As you listen and meditate on God's spoken Word, the Holy Spirit will flush out EVERY spirit that is not of Him—giving you a 'clean' sweep from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet in Jesus' mighty name. Get prepared for a Holy Gost showdown as you listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you! ON THE GO? Stay connected with The Children's Mite on our FREE mobile app! Shalom †